How to Kill Time During a Long Layover

Sometimes, its inevitable: a layover. It’s not everyones cup of tea, especially if it is many hours in between flights! But, we’ve got you covered with our list of how to kill time during a long layover. A long layover…

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Best Hacks for Flying with Kids

Flying with kids is hard. But, we are here to help! We have created a list of the best hacks for flying with kids to share with you.  I’ve had my fair share of flying long haul flights with children screaming directly behind…

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Unique Ways to Kill Time on a Flight

Long flights: everyone say it with me- UGH. Here you will find ways to kill time on a flight, and make it more bearable! It can be so hard to get excited for your vacation when your trapped in a…

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The Best Hacks Airports don’t want you to Know

Airports can be very stressful, am I right? They are crowded, busy, fast-paced, and expensive. Travelers are running to catch flights, kids are screaming, and no one is watching where they are walking because they are looking for their gate. Travelers…

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Flying Errors to Avoid Making

When traveling on an airplane, travelers want their flight to be as easy and smooth as possible. Many passengers, however, are new to flying, and don’t know the social norms on an airplane just yet. That is why we have…

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Top Carry on Items for Long Flights

Whether you are traveling on a plane for business or pleasure, you want your travels to be as smooth as possible. This means, having the right supplies to make sure you feel right at home. That is why we have…

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Guide to Taking Travel Photos Yourself!

When you’re on vacation, most people are photo-happy and want to take pictures of anything and everything. And, you should! Here is a guide to taking travel photos yourself, so you can remember our trip for a lifetime! You never know…

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Things NOT to do When Traveling

We have compiled a list things not to do when traveling, and what to do instead, so you can have the most stress-free travel experience possible. Through years of experience (and stress) we have found these mistakes to be the…

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The Ultimate Flight Sleep Checklist

We all know sleeping on planes is not the best rest you will ever get. It is really hard to get quality sleep during a flight. Sleeping on an airplane can be very difficult, but is extremely important for surviving long…

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