Common Excuses that Stop you From Traveling

There are plenty of excuses that stop you from traveling if you let them. Traveling is one of those things in life that seem complicated, but doesn’t have to be! Many people dream of traveling if only they didn’t have…

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Beach Day Mistakes to NEVER Make!

Everyone loves a good beach day. There’s something about the sand in your toes, the warm breeze, and the sound of the waves that makes everyone happy! However, there are so many beach day mistakes people consistently make, that could…

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What No One Tells you About Traveling

When it comes to traveling, most people think of sunny blue skies, beach days, adventures, and good food. Most people don’t think about things like getting lost, becoming stressed, or just not liking the destination in general! In this list…

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High Elevations Coping Guide

Are you planning a trip to the mountains in the near future? If you have never been to high elevations before, you will definitely need this high elevations coping guide! We moved to Colorado from NY in 2019, so we…

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Common Travel Assumptions: Debunked!

When it comes to traveling, there are many myths floating around regarding topics like flying, finances, and safety. However, not all of these myths are true, and often prevent people from traveling at all. In this article we will debunk…

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50 Hacks for Easier Traveling

Traveling can easily become stressful from the packing, to finances, to planning, and beyond! Luckily, these 50 hacks for easier traveling will have you save money and ease some of the stresses of traveling. These general travel hacks will range from…

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Things to do if you Can’t go on your Trip

Whatever the reason might be, having to postpone a vacation, or cancel it completely, is no easy decision to make! After cancelling a vacation, you might begin to feel lost in what to do next, between your finances, bookings, and…

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Guide to Taking Travel Photos Yourself!

When you’re on vacation, most people are photo-happy and want to take pictures of anything and everything. And, you should! Here is a guide to taking travel photos yourself, so you can remember our trip for a lifetime! You never know…

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