Unique Restaurants in London

Unique Restaurants in London A list of the most unique and unusual restaurants in London! Not sure where to eat in London? Tired of all the tourist traps? Look no further! This list contains all the most unique and unusual…

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Common Mistakes in London

Common Mistakes in London Don’t make these newbie mistakes! We made all these newbie mistakes, so you don’t have to! London was fun to visit, and we did a lot of main tourist attractions in a short period of time….

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Best things to do in Rome

Best Things to do in Rome Everything you should do during your first visit! Rome is one of my absolute favorite places to visit! The entire time we were there, all I kept saying was “I love it here!” Something…

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12 Tips for Visiting Venice

12 Tips for Visiting Venice Tips for Visiting The Floating City Venice. The Floating City. City of Masks. The City of Bridges. The list goes on! Venice is a special and unique kind of place. There are no roads- just…

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10 things to do in Paris

10 Things to do in Paris A first-timers guide to Paris! Paris is one of those places that everyone should go to at least once. There is something about it that is magical, and feels like no where else. Here…

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10 Things you should do in London

10 Things you should do in London Everything you need to see and do while in London! If this is your first time visiting London, it can be overwhelming! In such a big city, there is so much to do…

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