Clever Hotel Hacks to Improve your Stay

Open Curtain next to bed with blue pillows

Clever Hotel Hacks to Improve your Stay

Tips to make your hotel room more comfortable & organized!

Especially if traveling on a budget, hotel rooms can sometimes be hit or miss. Maybe the hotel room is subpar, and you wish you had spend a little extra money for your stay. Maybe you were given the last available room, which just so happens to be the worst one. But don’t worry, we have some clever hotel hacks to improve your stay! 

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Whether you are in a budget hotel or a luxury hotel, you will find many of these tips useful during your next trip! Continue reading for more on clever hotel hacks to improve your stay!

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Clever hotel room hacks to improve your stay

1. Don't get room service

spread of breakfast food on white tablecloth

Our first tip on clever hotel hacks to improve your stay, naturally, involves food! When getting to your hotel room, especially if it is late at night and you are starving, you might make a mad dash to the room service menu.

Room service is an awesome perk of staying in a hotel room, but can be pricy at times. This is a great budget travel tip to save you hundreds, room service is not the way to go! Unless, of course, you don’t care about spending $8 on some french fries. 

Instead of room service, you have a couple options:

First, you can order food from the hotel restaurant and pick up the food when its ready, and bring to your room. This can save you some hidden room service charges, as well as tips. And, you won’t have to leave the hotel!

Second, there are so many food delivery service apps out there now. If you are new to the area, skip the boring hotel food and order delivery from a local restaurant! The food will most likely be better, and cheaper! 

Third, many hotels seem to have some kind of restaurant within walking distance. If you feel up to it after a long day of traveling, take a walk to the restaurant and get yourself a nice meal! Plus, you body will thank you for the walk if you have been cramped up in an airplane or car all day!

2. Ironing Board

Green White Philips Iron

The ironing board in the hotel room closet is overlooked often, but can be very useful, especially if you have children or many people staying in the same room. You can use the ironing board for many things:

  • Extra counter space in the bathroom
  • A surface to eat on if there is no more room
  • Children can use it as a surface to color or play on
  • An extra surface to place clothes on

Simply ask hotel staff for an extra sheet to lay on top of the ironing board, and now you have a new table with multiple uses! 

3. Use the coffee maker to cook

Strawberry on Table Top Near White Ceramic Bowl of oatmeal

This is an awesome tip on our list of clever hotel hacks to improve your stay. Who says coffee makers are just for making coffee?

Use the coffee maker to make food like ramen noodles or oatmeal! Here is a list of all the foods you can make in the coffee maker!

Simply run the coffee maker once through (without coffee grounds, obviously) to make sure it is cleaned out thoroughly. Then run it again and use the hot water to make your meal!

This is a great tip for saving money on meals while on vacation. 

You can also get this portable, collapsible, electric kettle, to bring with you anywhere!

4. Use hangers to close curtains

Open Curtain next to bed with blue pillows

You may have heard this one already, but its a good one!

Why is it that the curtains in hotel rooms always seem to leave a little gap, just enough for the sunlight to shine on your face in the morning?!

Use the clips from the hangers in the closet to keep the curtains together and block the sunlight from coming in! 

You can also use hair clips, bobby pins, or clothes pins. 

Now you can get some real shut eye! 

5. Smelly room?

Sometimes no matter how much hotel staff cleans rooms, there is still a certain smell. Maybe a smoker was in there the night before you, or someone who was sweating hard at the gym.

Whatever the case, there is no reason you should be left with a stench!

Use one of those car vent air fresheners and place it in the heater/AC vent. Ta-da! A fresh smelling room once again! 

You can also place a dryer sheet over the vent and secure with a clip (hair clip, bobby pin, clip from hanger). This will freshen up your room as well!

6. Put a towel under the door

White Grey hotel Hallway

Hotel hallways can sometimes be noisy with late night party goers and travelers. The door also lets in a lot of light into your room from the hallway.

A simple tip to avoid some noise and light is to place a towel under the door to block the light and noise!

Don’t let the noisy tourists and light keep you awake!

7. Do not disturb sign

Top View of a Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning a Carpet

Another clever hotel hack to improve your stay is to always keep the do not disturb sign on your door, especially if you are in a sketchy hotel.

For one, do you really need room service every day? Many hotels now encourage guests to partake in the “green” option of opting out of hotel room service, in order to conserve water and energy

Additionally, leaving the room service tag on your door can indicate to other guests that you are not in the room, which could lead to theft. If you are worried about theft in your hotel, leave the do not disturb sign on your door as an added precaution. 

8. Use cotton balls

Four Assorted Perfume Glass Bottles

Most hotels have free travel sized toiletry items. My favorite is when they have cotton balls (or you can ask for some at the front desk)

Spray a little bit of perfume on the cotton ball, and keep in your purse.

Traveling can leave you a sweaty hot mess, especially if you are somewhere warm, If you need to freshen up later, you can take the cotton ball and apply some fresh perfume!

9. Put a bag around the remote

Close-up of hand holding remote control

Studies have found that the remote is among the grossest places in your hotel room. If you are intrigued by this you might like our post of the most unsanitary parts of airplanes

Forgot to pack sanitizing wipes? Place a bag around the remote: a zip loc bag, a garbage bag, whatever you have! If you can’t find a bag, use the shower cap from the bathroom. You can also use the shower cap to hold your shoes so they don’t get your clothes dirty in your suitcase. You can also use the bag from the ice bucket to cover the remote.

Don’t let a silly remote get you sick on your vacation! Also, clean the door handles if you can, and try not to touch the comforter! 

10. Make your own humidifier

Turned-on Air Purifier on the Floor Near Plant

Our last tip on the most clever hotel hacks to improve your stay is how to make your own humidifier!

Sometimes, especially in higher elevations or during the winter time, air in hotel rooms can be very dry. This can make your skin crack, your hair frizz, or your nose bleed, and no one wants that on vacation!

Simply dampen a towel, and place over the heat/AC vent. This should bring some moisture back into the air!

Thank you for reading clever hotel hacks to improve your stay! What are your best hotel related tips? We would love to hear! Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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