Top 10 Major DON’TS in a Hotel Room

Top 10 Major DON’TS in a Hotel Room Don’t get caught doing these things! There are many things you should just simply not do while staying at a hotel. Some reasons are unhygienic, some can cost you unexpected bills, and…

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The Ultimate Post-Vacation Checklist

The Ultimate Post-Vacation Checklist What to do when you get home from a vacation! Coming back home from a vacation is always sad. If you feel a little blue or even a little depressed following a vacation, don’t feel bad!…

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The Ultimate Pre-Vacation Checklist

The Ultimate Pre-Vacation Checklist Don’t leave for your vacation before doing these things! Before going on a vacation, you have a lot on your mind: packing, getting to the airport on time, laundry, getting the kids ready, you name it!…

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The Grossest Places in your Hotel Room

The Grossest Places in your Hotel Room What you probably shouldn’t touch in a hotel room! Typically when you walk into a hotel room, it looks clean. But, how clean is it, really? The truths are out, dirty hotel rooms,…

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