Top Carry On Items

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Top Carry On Items

Before you go on your next flight, be sure you have these items packed!

Whether you are traveling on a plane for business or pleasure, you want your travels to be as smooth as possible. This means, having the right supplies to make sure you feel right at home. That is why we have put together a list of the top carry on items! 

There is nothing worse than being on an airplane and realizing you forgot something at home. While you can always buy it when you get to your destination, your flight just because increasingly more miserable, and now there is a baby crying behind you.

This essential packing tips every traveler should know should help!

This list will provide you with a checklist so you do not forget all the important things you need to bring! Keep reading for more on the top carry on items you need on any flight! 

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The first thing you need on any flight, is a decent carry on bag. I know what you are thinking- duh!

The reason I suggest this, is because I have had my own fair share of flying with old and beat up luggage, and it is just a disaster. I’ve had wheels break off, handles snap, zippers break- it is just not worth it. Spend some extra money and get yourself something decent! Especially if you are a frequent traveler, it will be worth it to get some high quality luggage!

My tip is to get a carry on suitcase as small as possible. I have found measurements in the US to be different than in other countries, and have had to check my what I thought was my carry on bag, and pay extra money.

Make sure you check your airline to double check the size requirements before purchasing a new bag. 

A mini suitcase like this on from Amazon is the perfect size for a carry on. We typically do not check bags, and fit everything we need in our carry on bags. However, it is understandable that you might need to check a bag. Make sure this luggage is high quality too, to prevent any rips or tears. 

Don’t forget, airlines usually give you a personal item as well, for extra packing space! You can use a small tote, a purse, backpack, or camera bag. My all time favorite carry on bag is the only carry on bag you will ever need

Especially if you are taking a long flight, you are going to want to get some shut eye. If you do not have the proper items, you are going to have a difficult time getting to sleep. 

Make sure to make some quality noise cancelling headphones, just incase you got lucky enough to sit next to the 6 month old baby. Plus, airplanes are noisy in general, so having some quiet should help you get to sleep.  

Also, be sure to get a good neck pillow, a foot rest, and an eye mask. Our guide to how to actually sleep on an airplane provides more products that will help you!

Ensuring you get some quality of sleep on your flight will help you with dealing with jet lag, which can be a huge trip ruiner. All of these items can easily fit into your carry on, leaving you no excuse but to have them on hand!

Personal Items

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Some other top carry on items include personal items. Airplanes can be crowded, stuffy, and cramped, so you will appreciate having some items to help pamper yourself and feel more relaxed!

We suggest creating your very own personal health pouch. This may include different things depending on the person, but here are some of my favorites:

Airplanes can dry out your skin and eyes, and make you feel uncomfortable. Having this small pouch will give you the opportunity to freshen up during your flight or before you land. It will also be helpful at the airport, or during long layovers. You will feel so much better after giving yourself some love! Here is a guide to self-care on an airplane for further information! 


Other top carry on items include entertainment! Especially during a long flight, you will probably get bored at some point!

One of my favorite things to do is listen to audio books. You can start a free trial of Amazon’s audible program here, for one free month of unlimited romance listening! If romance isn’t your jam, you can still sign up, here!

Another thing you can do is watch your favorite shows! You can start a free one month trial for Amazon Prime Video! Even if you cancel your account after your flight, it is worth it, and completely free!

With unlimited audio books and TV, you should be good to go for your long flight!

Read further on unique ways to pass time on an airplane.


People used to dress up for flights, but that is certainly a thing of the past! Top carry on items nowadays include the comfiest clothing you can find! This is the time to put on all your comfiest clothes, especially if you are planning to sleep, or have a long haul flight ahead of you.

I like to wear compression socks, especially during long flights. They help keep blood flowing to your legs and feet, giving you extra comfort on your flight! 

Pack some extra layers in your bag as well. I usually wear a sports bra with a t shirt, and bring a hoody in case I get cold. Yoga pants or leggings on the bottom, with compression socks and I’m good to go! Comfort over fashion here, guys. 


Perhaps the most important top carry on items on a flight are your snacks, of course! No flight is complete without stuffing your face with your favorite snacks, right?!

These are really great for keeping all your snacks in one place. Try to pack snacks that are high in protein and that will fill you up. Bring at least a couple healthy snacks, so you do not feel bloated and sluggish when you get to your destination.

Also, bring some special snacks for yourself to help get you through the flight! When you start to get bored on the flight, you can remind yourself of that special treat you brought, and give yourself some enjoyment for a bit!

I like to bring snacks that take longer to eat, in order to kill more time during the flight.

Here are some suggestions:

  • grapes, or fruit from the hotel buffet
  • pretzels, popcorn, chips
  • trail mix
  • protein bars
  • baby carrots
  • Raisins
  • Pita chips
  • animal crackers

We hope you enjoyed reading Top Carry On Items! With these items on your flight, you will be certain to have a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. The best part is, these items are small and compact, making packing easy, cheap, and useful! If you have any other suggestions of things you need in your carry on bag, please leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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