Interesting Things to do in Denver

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Interesting Things to do in Denver

Make your trip to Denver one to remember!

At a mile high in the sky and among the peaceful Rocky Mountains, you will find the bustling city of Denver.

Denver is the capital of Colorado, and is a quickly growing home to over 3 million people!

Denver provides city vibes to an otherwise nature driven and outdoorsy state, while still maintaining a relaxed culture.

For the size of Denver, traffic and crowds are hardly ever an issue, giving it the perfect happy medium between rural and urban cultures.

Denver is full of so many things to do for all ages. This list will provide some attractions and activities that are common for tourists to visit, as well as some lesser known and unique activities as well.

Continue reading for more on interesting things to do in Denver!

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Denver Travel Guide
church with multicolored ceiling
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This one definitely tops the list for most interesting things to do in Denver. We will start here because, well, you’re in Denver after all.

Here, cannabis is part of everyday culture and life, and is talked about pretty openly.

A previously Lutheran church, was recently reopened in 2017 (on 4/20, naturally) as a new brand of religion known as Elevationism, dedicating their practice to the benefits of cannabis. 

The church itself is open to anyone, as there is no specific religion attached, as long as cannabis is used as a sacrament. 

Here, you can find a giant “weed” sign, pews to smoke on, and colorful ceilings. 

There are smoke free hours for visitation, if visitors wish to breathe openly, and a gift shop for all your cannabis needs. You can visit for guided meditation and a laser light experience daily. Check their website for times and details! 

When in Colorado, right?

Colorado Guide from a local
Denver Selfie Museum
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Because who doesn’t love a good selfie?! This museum provides all the backdrops for all your selfie needs. In the museum, you are allowed to touch and interact with the exhibits, and take all the pictures you want!

Here, you can find backdrops and props like a ball pit, a donut wall, optical illusion rooms, giant everyday objects like crayons and fruit, word walls, swings, word walls, and so much more!

There are about 30 installations, all made my local artists in the area. You can expect to take 30-60 minutes in the museum, although you can spend as long as you would like!

Tickets and time slots can be reserved online, and go for $25-$29 for adults, depending on the day of week. 

Happy selfie-ing! 

Tiny Town Denver
Image from Atlas Obscura

Tiny Town is a great activity to do as a family, especially if you have young children. It is just West of Denver, in the town of Morrison. 

Here, there are more than 100 hand made miniature or kid sized buildings! There is also a real steam engine train ride that takes you around the town. The ride lasts about 10 minutes. 

Kids can play in the tiny buildings, and go inside if they can fit! You can also have a picnic here, making it a great day activity for the whole family. 

Linger Denver
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Linger is a famous restaurant in Denver, and is always packed and has great food.

Normal, right? Wrong.

This restaurant used to be a mortuary and actually held the body of Buffalo Bill back in 1917. 

It used to be called Olinger’s Mortuary, but owners got rid of the “o” and changed mortuaries to eateries. 

The host stand is an original church pew from the mortuary, and is Zagat reviewed! The restaurant even has a rooftop, with amazing views of the city of Denver. 

Give it a try if you’re not creeped out! 

Pro tip: Little man ice cream is right next door, another local favorite! You can’t miss it- it is a giant milk jug!

Casa Bonita Denver
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Another interesting thing to do in Denver is dine at Casa Bonita. While the Mexican cuisine is delicious, visitors don’t come just for the food.

Inside, you will find a 30 foot waterfall, cliff divers, fire throwers, gold leaf covered domes, a 14 feet deep pool, pirate shows, gunfight shows, gorilla shows, and the list goes on! 

This restaurant is truly the definition of dinner and a show. You can find show times on their website, so you can visit during the shows you want to see! 

union station denver
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Denver’s Union Station is a place where you can shop, dine, stay, or travel. 

Inside, you can dine at many restaurants including pizzerias, pubs, breakfast joints, ice creameries, cafes, tapas, and bars. Additionally, there are many local venders for shopping, such as jewelry, boutiques, books, and gifts. If you are looking to stick around, you can even stay in the hotel rooms above all the hustle and bustle!

One of the coolest parts about Union Station is that it is an operating RTD, Amtrak, and bus transit station! Who knows, maybe you will just catch a train to California while you’re here!

larimer square denver
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Larimer Square is Denver’s oldest and most historic block. It is now packed with boutiques and hopping, restaurants, nightlife, and bars.

Here, you can dine on any cuisine imaginable, get all your shopping needs met, go to a comedy show, do some wine tasting, or even get your hair done!

There are often events that take place here, so be sure to check their calendar! 

You can even take a walking tour to learn all about the history of of Denver. There is definitely something for everyone here!

denver pavillions
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Denver Pavilions is an interesting thing to do in Denver. It is an outdoor shopping area located on the 16th street mall, and has over 40 stores and restaurants. 

Denver Pavilions is a hot spot for both your favorite brands, and local boutiques. 

Here, you will find popular entertainment such as the Coyote Ugly bar and Hard Rock Cafe. You can even take a picture with the iconic Denver sign for the ultimate Denver selfie! 

Grab dinner and a movie, buy a new outfit, or have a crazy night out at one of the many bars! 

This definitely makes the list of most interesting things to do in Denver! While it is not located directly in the city, it is nearby, and close to the airport. 

Here, you can drive your vehicle 11 miles through the refuge, and view some true Colorado wildlife!

Try to go early in the morning, or right before sunset to get the best chances of seeing wildlife. You might see bison, deer, elk, bulls, coyotes, prairie dogs, pelicans, and more! Keep your eyes pealed!

Other Interesting Things to do in Denver

Denver is just a small part of the state of Colorado. If you are staying in Denver, consider leaving the city to see the rest of the state! Explore the mountains, do some hiking or skiing, and enjoy the beauty of the Rockies. Take a look at the Colorado bucket list from a local on more things to do in this amazing state!

Thank you for reading interesting things to do in Denver. If you have any other suggestions for those traveling to Denver, please leave a comment below! 

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