What to Bring on a Beach Day

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Going to the beach used to be kind of stressful for me.

My skin burns in a matter of 5 minutes, even with sunscreen, my hair gets stuck in my mouth and gets greasy from the 10 layers of sunscreen I’m wearing, sand gets in my mouth… it just wasn’t a good time.

For someone who used to live in Florida, I needed to figure out how to make the beach work for me, since my friends would go every weekend!

If you are anything like me, or just looking to up your beach game, you have come to the right place! I will tell you all the best products and tips for making the most out of your beach day!

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Beach Day Necessities

Products you NEED at the Beach:

If you know you will be headed to the beach, don’t show up empty handed! There are some things that are basically a necessity when it comes to visiting the beach, like sunscreen, water, a bathing suit, flip flops, etc. But you already knew all that! This list will show you the extra or luxurious items you should bring to the beach with you. They are sure to turn heads and make other visitors jealous!

The best part is, you can buy them all for under $100!

They are all easy to carry and store, and some even come with their own backpack, leave you with know room for excuses! Don’t just go to the beac, go to the beach in style! Keep reading more more on what to bring on a beach day!

man sitting on beach towel under umbrella at beach

What to bring on a beach day? A Super-Brella, of course! This is great for anyone who burns easily, or needs to get out of the sun for a bit, while still enjoying the sand! 

This beach umbrella is SPF 50,  and is water repellent, making it a perfect beach day necessity. 

It also comes includes side flaps, just incase the sun decides to move to try and find you! Additionally, it has a zippered side window, in case you want to peak out the sides without getting zapped by the sun. 

Also, it has stakes to help tie down the umbrella so it doesn’t blow away. 

What doesn’t this umbrella have?! The best part is, it is only $38! 

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How often have you gone to the beach with your beach towel, only to have it blow away and get wet and sandy only a few minutes later? Well, that is now a problem of the past!

This sand and waterproof mat is huge, giving room to share with your partner or a friend!

It comes with stakes to keep the mat from blowing away, whether you are at the beach or at the park! 

Just think of all the extra beach space you can claim with this giant mat! No one will come near you with this, you own the beach now!

Additionally, the mat folds up nicely into a 5×6 inch pouch for easy carrying!  You won’t believe it is only $13!

How often has your drink spilled on the beach, or sand got in your food? This personal beach table is a perfect solution to these problems! 

This personal beach table is large enough to fit your drinks, sunglasses, a speaker, and a book, yet small enough to pack away easily! 

The table can be adjusted at 2 different heights, depending if you are laying on the sand or in a chair. The legs fold in when it is done being used, so it can be easily packed away for next time!

Get yours today for only $12!

If the beach table isn’t for you, get these adorable beach coasters! They are perfect for keeping your drinks from spilling over into the sand, and can also be used at the park or a game! 

The set comes with koozies and a pouch to sift out the sand after a day at the beach. 

Plus, they say adorable things like “don’t worry, beach happy!”

This one is kind of extra, but you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t use this!

This blow up beach lounger can be used at the beach, and the park, or even in the water! It inflates easily, and can be carried on your back for easy storage! If even comes with a little backpack to carry it in. 

The lounger has pockets on the side to hold your phone or drinks, and stays inflated for up to 6 hours!

Get in, guys. Were going floating! 

What to bring on a beach day? A photoshoot session, of course!

Now that you have all your beach get-up, it is time to take some selfies or group photos! 

But wait… how do you take the best selfies and group shots? Say no more! 

This might be my favorite product ever and I tell people about it whenever I can! Not only is it a selfie stick, but it unfolds into a tripod you can place your phone onto. It has a remote that connects through bluetooth through your phone, so you can take pictures with just a click of a button! 

I’ve never used a travel product more than this one! 

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Once you try these products, I guarantee you won’t ever go to the beach without them again! You will not have to worry about getting burned because you can’t find shade, getting sand all over your towel, or spilling your drink! Plus, you will look like a queen in that floaty, just sayin! All of these items total will only cost under $100! So, if you are planning a trip to the beach soon, or have a beach honeymoon approaching soon, get these things now! 

Thank you for reading what to bring on a beach day! If you have any other beach products you can’t live without, share them below in the comments section! 

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