Dealing with Jet Lag

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Dealing with Jet Lag

How to prevent it, and how to get through it!

Before we discuss dealing with jet lag, let’s talk about what it is! You might experience jet lag if you are traveling over multiple time zones.

Basically, the time zones mess with your internal clock. This usually doesn’t have much of an affect on you if you travel one or two time zones.

However, if you are traveling across seas for example, you might need to prepare. 

Jet lag can leave you feeling either very fatigued or it can make it difficult to fall asleep.

You might have stomach problems, mood changes, nausea, dizziness, or just a general feeling of not being well.

No one wants to start vacation this way! With these tips you will deal with jet lag like a pro!

Watch this video for more information on how jet lag happens!

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How can I prevent jet lag?

Dealing with jet lag doesn’t always have to be difficult! When we travel overseas, you can try to prevent jet lag by planning to arrive at your destination at night time.

That way, you can go straight to bed when you get there, get a good night sleep, and start fresh in the morning.

We did this on our last vacation to Greece, and we had no jet lag symptoms at all! Being able to go straight to bed upon arrival makes dealing with jet lag easier because you will not have to fight trying to stay awake!

However, many sources suggest arriving in the morning, and staying up all day with no naps. I, personally, need a LOT of sleep to function normally, so this doesn’t work as well for me.

Choose a way that works best with you and your body. If you only need a few hours of sleep per night, this might not be as big of a problem for you.

Here are some additional tips for surviving long flights!

You may also want to adjust your routines for a few days before travel.

For example, going to bed an hour or two earlier (or later, depending on direction of travel).

Try to coincide your schedule with the times of your destination, at least 4 days in advanced.

This will help the time change to be less of a shock to your body. Essentially, you are preparing your body for whats to come in the future!


Stay hydrated

Anytime you fly, you should try to eliminate coffee and alcohol, and drink lots of water. While you may want a cocktail before your vacation, this may only worsen the symptoms of jet lag.

Being in an airplane makes you more dehydrated than on land, so try to hold off on the celebrations until you arrive!

The air is very dry in an airplane, so hydrate more than usual! If you must, stick to only one or two coffees/alcoholic beverages. 

Try to sleep!

You aren’t going to get the best nights sleep of your life, but some cat naps will help carry you over until your next nights rest. Check out these products to help with airplane sleeping!

Here is a complete guide to falling asleep on your next flight! These tips will make it easier for you to fall asleep on an airplane, or at least keep you more comfortable.

Read more on How to Actually Sleep on an Airplane!

Sleeping pills/melatonin

I try to stray away from sleeping medication. Some sources suggest that taking small doses of melatonin can help adjust your internal clock.

Try to only use these if you regularly take them for sleeping, or as a last resort. If you are not used to taking them, they might make you groggy or foggy upon arrival. Like any medication, talk with your doctor and do your research!


Tips for when you arrive

If you arrive in the morning or early afternoon, you will probably be tempted to sleep. DONT.

Get outside, and get in the sun! The sun will help your body recognize it is not time for sleep just yet. Going somewhere exciting and sightseeing will help distract your need for sleep.

Stay awake!

It is going to be tempting to go to bed early your first night. Try to stay up until an acceptable bedtime.

Try not to drink too much caffeine 3-4 hours before bedtime. Plan something exciting for this night to keep you motivated to stay awake.

Get moving!

Try not to lay down or get too comfortable. Take a quick walk around the block, do some stretching at the nearest park, or go explore!

Additionally, you may want to walk (if close enough) to dinner, instead of taking public transport or driving. Get your blood flowing, it will help keep you alert and awake!


Get on the new routine

Even if it is breakfast at home, but dinner at your destination, follow the schedule of where you currently are. I have found that taking medications and eating meals that align with current times helps my body recognize what time of day it is.

As always, make sure you discuss medications with your doctor to see if you need to make any special changes with your timing of doses!


Listen to your body

Traveling can take a huge toll on your body and mind. Make sure you listen to what you need! Take the first day easy, give yourself time to adjust, and don’t stress too much!

You don’t want to start your vacation stressed, or worse, sick. Relax, go to the beach, and schedule things that are both enjoyable and effortless. Jet lag is all temporary, so you will be back to a normal routine soon. 

Thank you for reading Dealing with Jet Lag! If you have any other tips to add, please leave a comment below- we would love to hear from you!


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